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Chen tao, born in 1978,  Rencheng  Houchen Village long trench town in Jining of Shandong province, now lives in Shandong province Jining area, the Chinese committee member, graduate degrees. The vice-chairman as the China Qiaoshang federation, and vice chairman of Shandong federation of youth committee, the China youth entrepreneurs association members, Shandong province people's congress, member of committee of enterprise work committee of Shandong province, Shandong commissioner business, Jining city CPPCC member
Perhaps, no one believes, a primary school didn't graduate from rural children, how to self-made accomplished so much of the estate, and gained so much honor society. He, however, with his extraordinary life experiences, tell us that believe in yourself, finally can create miracles!
In 1992, the age of 14, he started the place booth, accumulate experience and connections, and accumulated a certain level of wealth
Founded in 1999, self-raised funds is 1999  RMB Chentao WenWu school, the school adhere to the "good for school,connected with the art of attack and defence , the principle, the combination of civil-military two sets of teaching team, attach importance to the cultivation of student's both civil and the thought of quality education, broaden the employment channels, was warmly welcomed by the social people from all walks of life. Has been to the nation each big cast, film and television companies, such as sports colleges and universities, security feed more than 300, and the major provinces and cities across the country competition awards, gold, silver and bronze MEDALS more than 30 pieces.
Founded in September 2004, raised 10 million RMB and set up the Jining south-city driving school, has now become the province has large-scale modernization, scientific and standardization, the base of the big driving training base, is formulated by the municipal public security bureau traffic police detachment vehicle management training base in the exam. Driving school started to make his career has risen to a new height.
In August 2007, and founded the Jining Long Kai gas investment co., LTD., registered capital of 10 million RMB, investment 40 million RMB, the company is up to ten million RMB, the company is the key national policy support, vigorously promote the green environmental protection energy-saving new energy projects.
Then, and successively launched dragon real estate co., LTD., Jining city in Shandong Rencheng Hadley microfinance co., LTD., 5 hotels, Jining south-city taxi co., LTD., and was founded on May 25, 2011, Shandong south-city group. Under his lead, south-city group is growing stronger, 5 fresh fruit supermarket, a supermarket chain, Rencheng city supply and marketing professional farmers association, Beijing north central financial wealth Internet P2P platform, south-city, set up loan south-city group also developed into a business scope covers sports, driving, new energy development and application, real estate, finance, hotel management, car rental, lease, supermarket, agriculture and other industries of large group. On July 25, 2014, Jining Long Kai gas investment co., LTD., listed on the success of, marked the Jining Long Kai gas investment co., LTD., a new step, also provides new opportunities for further development.
Enterprise's growing at the same time, Chen tao gradually his own knowledge are more and more to keep pace with the development of the situation, only primary school education, he has been working hard to put yourself down courses to make up for. In 2005, Chen tao was the Jining municipal party committee party school admission, as one of the economic management specialty students. Two years later, Chen tao graduated with honors and entered the stage of undergraduate study human resource management. Undergraduate course graduation, again to go to provincial party committee party school of economic management major of master graduate student, he also enrolled in Tsinghua university MBA program, held in the second year, he signed up for "tourism real estate and hotel management" course, Tsinghua university, as well as the world's top schools at the university of Cambridge in cooperation with Tsinghua university international investment and financing and capital operation "" courses offered.
"Shown", don't forget the people rich. Chen tao took an active part in social public welfare and charity activities, adhere to the unpaid blood donation, the donor hematopoietic stem cells, for public welfare and charity in recent years, more than 3000 donations exceeding 3000 EMB, and donated 10 million RMB to set up the Chen tao charity fund, free support difficulties students, orphans and to take care of the childless old man.
Chen tao, President of progress, and actively seek awarded many honorary titles. Since 99, he was awarded the honorary title. In particular, model workers in Shandong province in 2013 is evaluated.
From 2011 to 2014 period, but also more than follow the national leaders to visit abroad.
 January 15 to 18, 2011, followed by Chinese President Hu jintao visited the United States, has access to Houston, Chicago and other cities and participate in the China-USA trade and investment environment explaination
June 24 to 28, 2011, followed by premier Wen jiabao's visit to Hungary;
On October 23, 2011 to November 4, followed by Jia qinglin, chairman of the visit to Greece, the Netherlands, Germany;
February 13 to 18, 2012, following the then vice President Xi jinping visited the United States;
On October 2 to 8, 2013, with President Xi jinping visit to Indonesia and Malaysia.
On June, from 16 to 23, 2014, premier Li keqiang to visit Britain, Greece.
Now, Chen tao, President is leading the team to south-city group is growing stronger, for "based on Jining, radiation throughout the country, towards the world," the goal of continuously catch up!


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